10 Ways to Use Twitter to Promote Your Green Business

by Gloria Rand
Do you sell an eco friendly product? Twitter can be a terrific marketing tool for your green business, IF you go about it the right way. Here are ten ways to use this social networking tool effectively.

Marketing Green Products with Twitter

1. Create a keyword-rich profile. If you want people to find you on Twitter your profile should include keywords related to your eco friendly product. Feel free to use terms like “green,” “eco friendly,” and “sustainable” since your target audience will likely use those keywords in their search. List the URL for your company website or blog too.

2. Include a personal photo in your profile. As you can see from the Hubspot graphic below, Twitter profiles with photos attract more followers than those without. Make sure you choose a professional picture. Hire a photographer who specializes in headshots. And whatever you do, remember to smile!

3. Search Twitter for followers. Use search.twitter.com to find other eco friendly companies or individuals to follow. Look for influential Twitter users, (those with many followers). Just make sure these individuals are actually tweeting. I am constantly getting followed by users who have thousands of followers, but zero tweets. Needless to say, I don’t follow them back!

4. Post useful tweets. Twitter is about short conversations. You only have 140 characters to get your point across. It helps to think of Twitter like a cocktail party. You wouldn’t go up to a stranger and start selling them your product, would you? I hope not! You introduce yourself first. Ask questions. Find out what your prospect is interested in and how you can help them. After you get a conversation going, then you can start extolling the virtues of your product.

5. Thank your followers. Once you start following people, they will likely follow you back. When they do, thank them. But avoid using tools like SocialOomph to send an automated response. This tool and others like Hootsuite are great time-savers since they also allow you to schedule your tweets ahead of time. But it’s a better strategy to send a personal response instead.

6.Create Twitter lists. As you follow people on Twitter, it’s helpful to categorize them by profession or some other interest. For instance, you could group Twitter users with an interest in solar energy in one list, while another list focuses on sustainable products.

7. Retweet posts. It’s a good practice to retweet other people’s tweets on Twitter. Retweeting means you are sharing one person’s tweet with your followers. There are a couple of ways to do this. While in Twitter, move your cursor over the tweet you want to retweet and a menu will appear at the bottom with the options: favorite, retweet and delete. When you click “retweet,” Twitter marks the post with a retweet symbol, and your Twitter ID is included at the top of the tweet:

Another way to do this is to take note of the person’s twitter id, copy their tweet and paste it into your Twitter status box. But before you hit the “tweet” button, make sure to type “RT @TwitterID” before the post, so your followers know where the tweet came from originally.

8. Make introductions. As you see more people on Twitter with similar interests to you, take the initiative and introduce them to each other! This is a great way to strengthen your own network because other people will notice your introductions and make associations.

9. Use hashtags A quick way to promote a subject you’re interested in is to include a hashtag (the # symbol on your keyboard) followed by a keyword. If you’re tweeting about solar energy or water, you’d add #solar or #water to the end of your tweet. If someone else searches on Twitter for those terms, your tweet will come up.

10. Follow Friday. An excellent way to recognize Twitter users you follow is to highlight them on Fridays. Start off with the hashtag #FF, say something nice about the person, and then include the @ symbol with their Twitter ID.

If you’d like help setting up a Twitter account, contact me today.

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