Roll it Rite: A Case Study in Social Media Marketing

[tweetmeme]By Gloria Rand

Roll it Rite eco friendly toilet paper and paper towel saverI’ve written in the past about how Twitter can be an effective marketing tool for your eco-friendly business. But if you need some proof, take a lesson from Roll it Rite.

Using Twitter to Start a Conversation

Roll it Rite makes a product that helps cut down on wasted paper towels and toilet paper. A couple of weeks ago, the company started following my GreenSEOCopy Twitter account. Since I had never heard of “Roll it Rite” before, I checked out their Twitter profile, visited their website and watched this video about their product:

Looks pretty clever, don’t you think? I thought so, and told them so on Twitter. Check out how they responded to my tweet below:

I tweeted back that I would be happy to review their product. At that point, we moved the conversation off Twitter to email. A few days later, I received their paper towel and toilet paper samples in the mail. The product is essentially a piece of foam that attaches to the paper towel or toilet paper dispenser. The paper towel roll or toilet paper roll slides over the foam. The foam takes up the space between the dispenser and the cardboard insert of the paper. As a result, the paper doesn’t fly off the dispenser. The roll moves slowly, cutting down on waste.

I did manage to tear the product the first time I used it. But I’m not blaming Roll it Rite for that! When I pulled the covering off the adhesive, the foam started to tear, but then I realized that I was pulling the wrong end. I forgot the first rule of product installation – read the directions first! 🙂 Needless to say, I was more careful when I used the toilet paper version.

Roll it Rite says it has earned the designation of being a green product that is 100% made in the USA. So I was a little surprised when I opened the paper box to find the foam insert encased in a plastic bag. Upon inspection of the bag, I didn’t see the usual “recycle” symbol that is normally found on recyclable plastic products. But when I emailed the company to ask about it, I was pleased to find out that the bag is, in fact, recyclable.

Twitter Fans Promote the Product for You

Do you see the power of Twitter? Roll it Rite found a blogger (me!) on Twitter to try their green product out and write about it. As a satisfied user, I’m happy to promote Roll it Rite to my friends and followers. That’s social media marketing at its best.

About Gloria:
Gloria Rand is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Copywriter & Marketing Consultant who works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to implement SEO strategies and social media marketing for online visibility, profits and success. Leveraging her background as a writer and producer for the award-winning PBS news program, “Nightly Business Report,” with her own experience as a small business owner, Gloria helps professionals turn great ideas into cash cows. Link up with Gloria at or

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