3 Tips on Finding the Right Keywords for Your Green Website

By Gloria Rand

Have you come up with an eco-friendly product that you want to sell online? It’s pretty easy to set up your own website today. And if you have a small budget, there are several website hosting services that offer inexpensive customizable templates, such as 1and1.com or Wix.com, so you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

After you put your website online, the challenging part begins. Your site needs to have the right keywords that people use to search for your green product or service so your customers can find you online. So how do you figure out which keywords are best? You have to do some research.

Think Like Your Target Audience

Start by thinking like your customer. Go to Google and type in different search phrases to see what comes up. If your search turns up a list of your competitors, you’re on the right track! But if your search turns up results that are totally unrelated to your eco friendly business, it’s time to ask your customers for help. Find out what search terms they use to find your company. In this instance, you can be sure that “the customer is always right.”

The next step you can take is to compare your website with your competition. Are there similarities in the content? Which keywords appear the most? What are the most obvious phrases? What are the most “opportunistic” ones?

Use Keyword Search Tools

If you still need help, it’s time to use a keyword search tool. There are several free resources you can use such as Google’s Adwords or Wordtracker.com. If you’re more “old school” – dig out that old stand-by – the thesaurus – for more ideas.

The idea is to cover all your bases by coming up with a broad list of the most searched keywords. This doesn’t mean just one or two word phrases either. If you limit yourself to including just the most common, popular words you will have almost no chance of getting your website to rank on page one of Google. That’s because you’ll be competing with millions of other websites for those words.

A better tactic is to include a few less popular phrases — ones that include three, four or five words. This “long-tail strategy” will help you stand out from your competition, and give you a much better chance of reaching your target audience for your eco friendly product.

If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route, Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation. I’ll be happy to discuss which search engine optimization strategies will best help your green business.

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