4 Ways a Press Release Can Help Your Green Business

Press Releaes [tweetmeme]Do you publish press releases for your green business online? A press release is an article that tells something newsworthy about your business. Before the advent of the Internet, press releases were typically mailed (yes, the old-fashioned way – via USMail!) or faxed to a news organization such as a newspaper, radio or TV station. Today, press releases are usually e-mailed to the news media, or submitted to an online press release company, such as PR Newswire.

Brand Awareness

Press releases are a useful way to build brand awareness for your company’s eco friendly product or service. Typical subjects for a press release are:

  • New product announcements
  • New management
  • Promotional events
  • Awards
  • Charity donations/assistance

Search Engine Ranking

Submitting your news to an online press release site can also help enhance the search engine ranking for your company’s website. If you include a link to your company’s website in the press release, this “backlink” will be recognized by search engines as a measure of authority. Google will reward websites with a higher ranking when you have high quality backlinks such as these pointing to your website. Plus, if you include keywords in your press release, your prospects will have an easier time finding it online as well.

Gain Publicity

A press release is also an inexpensive way to gain publicity for your green business, if you get someone within your organization to write the release and submit it to online sites and media contacts. Even if you have to pay a freelance writer to do it for you, the publicity you gain can more than make up for the cost.

Gain Credibility

Submitting press releases on a regular basis, such as once a month, will also help your eco friendly business gain credibility with your target audience. It’s a good idea to publish your press releases on your website so visitors can learn more about your company. As a result, prospects will be more inclined to trust your company when they need the products or service you sell.

If you need help writing a press release for your company, contact Gloria Rand for a free estimate.


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